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Whether it’s working on the landings as a Prison Custody Officer, managing a department or carrying out the key administrative tasks involved with the custodial environment, we have a wide range of interesting and rewarding career opportunities open to you.

Our purpose is to change lives for the better by reducing re-offending and improving the Quality of Life of those under our supervision and care. To help us to achieve this, we are looking for people who share our goal.

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Working at HMP Lowdham

HMP Lowdham Grange offers a range of exciting and rewarding careers

Everyone working in our prison is focused on delivering quality of life services to make a meaningful difference to people in the criminal justice system and support them to change their lives for the better.

We have a strong and concerted focus on supporting prisoners to address their offending behaviour through the delivery of programmes. We deliver relevant skills via training and employment and work with all areas of the wider community to ensure that prisoners have the best possible chance of leading positive lives following release.

We are proud to be a major local employer. As well as Prison Custody Officers, we need a wide range of employees to help us achieve our purpose of changing lives for the better.

Some of the existing roles we have to offer include administrators, electricians, IT specialists and maintenance staff.

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Prison Custody Officer - It’s what’s inside that counts

Being a Prison Custody Officer is the first step towards an incredible career.

Speak to any of our Prison Custody Officers and they’ll tell you the same thing. The most important thing you can bring to the role isn’t previous experience in this environment. It’s having the people skills to engage with, and manage, the people you look after. It’s about your appetite for learning and it’s definitely about your ambition to build a career. It’s about your way with people. If you have a desire to build a fantastic career with a global leader that focuses on making every day a better day, your future could change here.

A career with no limits  Whatever your background and work experience, being a Prison Custody Officer is the first step towards an incredible career. So whether you are from the Forces, Social Care or Support Work, Teaching or Retail, if you want a change in life that could change your future, take a closer look at Sodexo. We believe in helping people achieve great careers and support them with training and development every step of the way. From this role you can move up into a Senior Prison Custody Officer. You could then become an expert in this role, managing your own wing, or spread your wings into Sodexo Head Office roles. The opportunities, and the training and qualifications, are there for all.

An environment like no other  Working in a prison is unlike any other career. Your focus will be on escorting prisoners to their education classes, the gym or their day job. Keeping a watchful eye and an open mind on everything that is going on. The prison environment is their home, so you’ll be able to balance authority with natural empathy and respect. Lowdham Grange is home to over 800 prisoners and the team who look after them are incredibly experienced and supportive.

An incredible training programme  Getting you up to speed and equipping you with the tools to do your job happens over an eight-week training programme. This is where you’ll develop the necessary skills to work independently as a Prison Custody Officer. And from shadowing more experienced colleagues, to understanding how to deal with conflict, you’ll be ready and prepared for every day going forward. You’ll learn how to listen to prisoners and liaise with their families. Ultimately, you’re there to be the voice and visible presence of authority. Your training will build into this and combine your natural people skills with the knowledge to deal with any and every situation.

A role with real purpose  Everyone who works at any of our prison facilities wants to help prisoners leave with a better view of their future. We want everyone who has served their time, to be able to integrate back into society positively. Your role plays an important part in this. And through your day-to-day interactions, you’ll get to know your inmates and see their progress.

A place with real benefits  Our facility is located to the North West of Nottingham and surrounded by stunning countryside. This is a place where you can grow your skills, learn new ones and build a career like no other. We want everyone who works with us to succeed, so whatever you want to learn, we will support you every step of the way.

A future with a global giant  When you start a career with Sodexo, you’ll be joining a global giant with 412,000 employees across 100 countries around the world. Which means the skills you develop in this role can be easily transferred to so many others.

An opportunity too good to miss  Whatever your background, you could have an amazing future with us. If you have the ambition to build a successful career and the people skills to build successful relationships, apply now for a career that’s too good to miss.

A career in one of our prisons

Working in a prison might not be what you think…

A lot more goes on in a prison than people may realise. As well as running the prison by providing food, cleaning, laundry, facilities management and security, there is also every role you would expect to find in any other business – finance, admin, HR, IT.

And when it comes to supporting prisoners our focus is on rehabilitation. We have roles in education, workshops, industries, healthcare plus we run programs for prisoners to support rehabilitation and deal with offending behavior.

But more than anything it’s about making a difference and changing lives for the better.

HMP Lowdham Grange

Old Epperstone Road
NG14 7DA

Tel: 0115 966 9200

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